Engineering Service

Software's - Solidworks, Creo, AutoCAD

1. Software integration with sheet-metal manufacturing (part -> flat pattern -> output) as shear sheets, flats drawings, cut-off sheets, nesting, assembly drawings and welding drawings for best manufacturing with high efficiency.

2. Sheet metal works, cutting, bending, forming, flat pattern development.

3. Nesting of sheet-metal parts using AutoCAD, Metalix & Metacam.

4. FRP Molding and Prototyping process (RPT-FDM).

5. Fabrication of enclosures and Kiosk.

6. Machining processes like turning, milling, drilling, grinding and welding processes.

7. 2D and 3D creation, dimension, Shaft, hole Fits/tolerances, geometrical tolerances, surface finish, welding indication, sheet-metal development.